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Craziest Moments from the MTV Video Music Awards

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    Since the MTV VMAs are known for being super unpredictable with stars almost expected to do something headline worthy every year, there are a lot of crazy moments from this awards show. What do you think is the craziest moment to ever happen at the MTV Video Music Awards? I have a few obvious choices and an article that gives a list of a ton of other wild moments throughout its history.

    The two most obvious choices in recent history are 2009 and 2003.

    In 2009 Kanye West crashed the stage, interrupting Taylor Swift to give a Beyonce shout-out. This produced about a zillion memes and had Kayne, Beyonce and Swift having to talk about the incident for years.

    In 2003 Britney Spears and Madonna opened the show with a mashup of 'Like a Virgin' and 'Hollywood' with Christina Aguilera. In the performance Britney and Madonna kissed, a choreographed move that was clearly done to elicit strong reaction and controversy. And to sorta relive another crazy moment in MTV VMA history when Madonna sang 'Like a Virgin' in a really provocative way with the award show's debut in 1984.

    Either of these win it for you or do you think there's another more obvious crazier moment at the MTV VMAs? I would say it was Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift.

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    I'd have to say the Kanye fiasco. Both times.
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    Kanye interruption for sure. And then Madonna and Spears making out. Those are the two I hear about the most.