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Best Acceptance Speeches at the 2020 Grammys

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    Acceptance speeches are pretty well known for their greatness or their awfulness. If I had a nickle for every time I've seen someone flub their acceptance speech because they were drunk or purposely controversial, I'd have a good chunk of change. Luckily, there were some good ones this year that I would like to share and point out. My top acceptance speeches are.

    Tanya Tucker for Best Country Album:

    Tool for Best Metal Performance:

    I really enjoyed watching both, Tanya's especially because it's her first record in 20 years. The story they told was really touching, and it's always cool to hear how an album was made. Not to mention, I'm a Shooter Jennings fan, so yeah. Tool of course. Danny Carey was very fun and interesting to watch. Does anyone else have a favorite? Lets see what everyone else considers to be the best acceptance speeches this year.

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    Glad to see Chemical Brothers and Rodrigo y Gabriela win this year. For Dance/Electronic song & album and contemporary instrumental album receptively. Though they got their awards off air it seems.

    Agree with both of these videos. Kinda sucks to see Tool only get 2 nominations and 1 win given how well their album sold this year. I thought it might get album of the year nomination. But at least they won one. And great to see Tanya Tucker after all these years. Didn't realize it had been 20, but I grew up listening to her stuff and a big fan of Shooter as well.

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    Yeah, I'm not actually surprised that Tool didn't get the second nomination. They're big successful band, but definitely not as mainstream. I was really happy to see Billie Eilish clean up though.