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Nicolas Cage to Play Joe Exotic the Tiger King

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    I think it's safe to say that Nicolas Cage will take on any role. Also, we still don' know the answer to the much-debated topic on whether or not he's a brilliant actor, or just simply out of his gourd. I think a little bit of both. At any rate, he is set to star in a scripted 8 episode series that is centered on Joe Exotic. CBS TV Studios and Imagine Television Studios are producing it, and it's been optioned. This will be Cage's first regular TV role.

    I just can't see him in this role. Then again, I can at least see him in Joe's ridiculous getup. I just wonder where it will stream. You'd think Netflix would be all over it given the success of the docuseries. Apparently this is the second series that is being done on this crazy story. I guess people can't get enough of the Tiger King. Does anyone else see this being a good fit for Cage? Who would play a better Joe Exotic? I hear Dax Sheppard and Edward Norton have both said they wanted the role in Kat Mckinnon's miniseries.

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    I heard rumors of David Spade for Joe. That instantly made sense to me. I think Spade makes more sense than Cage, but I still wanna see Cage does his version of off the rails in this role. Should be entertaining. Any idea when this will come out? Imagine it will be a while before they can even shoot now.
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    Now that you say it, I can't really see anyone else other than Nicolas Cage playing Joe Exotic. I really hope this happens. The guy gets a bad rep because he takes on every single role that happens by him. But I have confidence that he will bring his A-game to this role with the amount of viewers it will rake in. He can be a really impressive actor if the role is something he's really interested in. Have you ever seen 'Mandy'? It came out a year or two ago I think. His acting in that movie blew me and everyone else who saw it away. Also, that movie was absolutely insane in the best ways.

    I think Dax Sheppard would be a great Joe Exotic. His comedic timing and overall personality would make him a great fit. If you haven't seen 'Hit and Run' on Netflix, definitely give it a watch. It's a super fun and funny movie with Dax as the lead.