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10 Most Recent Movies That Scored 0% On Rotten Tomatoes

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    I, like many movie nuts out there, use Rotten Tomatoes. I can't help but peak at what a movie got on the site before I go and see it in theaters, or watch it in the comfort of my home. Most of the time, I won't even watch a movie unless I've checked its Rotten Tomatoes score. Which had me curious about what are some of the worst movies out there per Rotten Tomatoes standards.

    1. The Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson

    2. Gotti

    3. 10 Minutes Gone

    4. London Fields

    5. John Henry

    6. 365 Days

    7. Dark Crimes

    8. Father Of The Year

    9. Grand Isle

    10. The Last Days Of American Crime

    Many of these look like definite doozies. I've only seen Father Of The Year, and it was so bad, that I turned it off after the first 15 minutes or so. Also, who in their right mind would make a movie called "The Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson"? To me that would be career suicide for a director. There are some movies that I think should be on that list. The most recent rendition of Midway should be there.

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    No.10 'The Last Days of American Crime' was so bad that I didn't even smile at how ridiculous it was. I was taking itself comically serious, but was just bad..

    Side note. It's weird to me that all the action movie stars we grew up with like Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Nicholas Cage and a few more are now the ones cranking out these awful movies.

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    These all look awful.

    Is a shame to see Willis on the list of terrible action movies. Travolta and Cage I expect. Guess its hard to pass up the paycheck. And no doubt these directors are just either trying to make a name for themselves and taking any work they can get, or, even worse, its a money grab because they know these big names sell no matter how awful the premise is. A big name is generally a better draw and easier to green light than a smart indie film.