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Which Marvel hero will fill Iron Man's shoes?

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    It's been a little while since Endgame. The face of the Marvel Universe drastically changed with characters coming in and going out permanently. Which I'm sure has made fans wonder where they will take the story next. Will there be a reboot, much like when a series of comic books has run its course? They just start over, and whoever died in the first series has been brought back to life in a parallel universe, even the main hero. It would be interesting to see if they do reboot the Stark story line, how they would retell it. But I'm sure if and when we see a reboot, it will be many years down the road.

    Since Stark was the headlining act for the vast majority of Marvel films, who is going to pick up the torch? The easiest guess, and the most likely one is Peter Parker. Afterall, they made sure Stark was grooming him for at least 3 Avengers Movies, so it only feels natural that he would succeed Stark. Plus, add on the popularity of the Spiderman reboot. I'd say it's very likely. The second choice would be Doctor Strange. I think this would be more of a versatile story line. I think the Spiderman story line is limited in comparison. Thoughts?

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    No one will ever fill Iron Man's shoes. He's the one and only. He's the leader of the Avengers and no one will ever come close to what the character did, at least in my mind. I will say that as far as the Avengers as a whole, Captain America has always and will always be my favorite. If anyone could have pulled off the succession, it's Cap. But we all know that won't happen.... :/

    I think Dr. Strange is the safest choice if they're looking for more of a level headed ring leader type. Peter Parker is the obvious choice to tie it all together, but he's just too young and he's no leader.

    All in all, I think they're going to stick with the Avengers being disbanded type of direction for a good while. No need to bring everyone together. The Guardians and Thor (Guardians of the Galaxy 3) are out doing space adventures, which I'm incredibly excited for. Winter Soldier and Falcon (same title) doing Earth adventures, again excited. Wanda and Vision (WandaVision) stuck in different times throughout the past and maybe future trying to figure things out. Loki (Loki) doing what he does best wherever he wants to.

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    The moment Endgame ended was the moment I decided I'm probably done with watching every Marvel movie. Iron Man is easily my favorite, and RDJ elevated that entire series. Without the original Iron Man and RDJ, everything just feels a little deflated and like you are just keeping everything going just to make money.

    That said I'm sure I'll be wanting to see more Marvel movies in the future, here and there. Doctor Strange is still great. And Vision spin off maybe is cool? But after that I'm only mildly interested at best. I think I will be one of those kind of fans that will become old man about Marvel in the future, always saying 'it's not like it used to be'.