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Mumford & Sons going for an electronic sound with new album

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    Source: Mumford & Sons Talk Going Electric on New Album ‘Wilder Mind’

    This is interesting to me. I am a big fan of both the band's first 2 studio albums, 'Sigh No More' and 'Babel'. They kind of just burst onto the music scene, one of those rare bands that seems to come from nowhere, and everyone instantly accepts them and they produce huge hit single after another.

    When I first heard 'The Cave' on Pandora about, I don't know, what was it, 5 years ago? Wow. Anyways, I was pretty hooked and since have enjoyed pretty much every single on both albums, without exception I would say.

    The band's hook and what sets them apart in the more mainstream of alternative rock is their choice use of instruments, mainly banjos, mandolins, and acoustic guitars paired with dobros, and intense atmospheric backdrops. This style is in the vein of 'folk rock', and they have since become pretty much the standard to point to nowadays for resurrecting the sound, back into mainstream.

    So, to the point. Now with their 3rd studio release set for May of 2015, Mumford & Sons is going a different direction with their sound. They are going away from their signatures of banjos and folk instruments for synthesizers, electric guitars, drum kits and something called 'spacey mellotrons'.

    What do you think about this? Is it good for a band to flip script like this so radically away from their staple? My feeling is that they collectively are extremely talented, and apparently have enough material and instinct that a whole album with a completely different sound will work. And so far they haven't let me down. So I am willing, and actually am very much looking forward to this release.
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    Well, we have our first taste. They just released their first single from the new album. My opinion (as with many others) it's decent, but sounds waaayyy too much like a tepid combination of the likes of Coldplay (mainly) mixed with some Imagine Dragons, possibly U2 and other bands in that same vein. I was hopeful for the album as a whole. But now, not so much. Hopefully the rest will be better.

    You can be the judge: