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Scariest Movies & TV Shows (or just best of the Horror genre)

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    What is your list of the scariest movies and/or TV shows you've ever seen? Doesn't have to be just for Halloween as we all know horror films come out all year long. List ones that got you as a kid or ones that still freak you out or get under your skin to this day.

    Or if you're more like me and don't typically get truly scared by movies or shows, which ones are your favorites and at least got to you a little, and are good for some genuine scares, really cool stories, graphics, storylines, etc?

    My top horror list:

    • Room 1408
    • Cabin in the Woods
    • Halloween (the original)
    • Poltergeist (the original)
    • The Haunting of Hill House (TV Show on Netflix, Season 1)
    • Black Mirror - White Christmas episode.

    The two classics for me are definitely Halloween and Poltergeist. I think the original Halloween is really unnerving and felt realistic to me as a kid, was hard to watch by myself with all the lights turned off, and that one always stuck with me. And Poltergeist made me afraid (and really anxiously curious) of static TV channels for years after.

    Room 1408 wins for being one of if not the best mind bending films that genuinely made me uncomfortable. Cabin in the Woods twist at the end was awesome.

    Haunting of Hill House was so well done and, if you've seen it, the plot twist in episode 5 was one of my all-time favorite moments for the genre. Highly recommend that whole season.

    And finally White Christmas. I like mind benders and nothing broke my brain or freaked me out more than the prospect of what happened to the guy in the egg at the end. Was similar to Room 1408 in a way.

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    It's hard to think of all the scary movies I've enjoyed, but there's a few that always stick out to me as being the greats. My list of top films looks something like:

    The Shining

    Nightmare on Elm Street



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    After giving it some thought, I'd also like to add to my list:

    The Exorcist

    John Carpenter's The Thing