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The Mandalorian Season 2: For Better or Worse

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    When I first heard last year that Disney+ and Jon Favreau were creating 'The Mandalorian' I was extremely excited. Not only was Disney expanding on the universe that I love, but they got Jon Favreau at the helm. In my opinion, The Star Wars universe has been severely mistreated lately. The only film that's come from the franchise in recent years that's been worth the wait was Rouge One. That film not only expanded the universe (in a relevant and interesting way), but it also worked great as a standalone sci-fi film. So then comes The Mandalorian.

    The first episode of season one was fantastic. It was dark, grown up, interesting and was directed perfectly. But then.. I don't know what happened. I tried, I genuinely tried to enjoy the rest of the season. It was just so incredibly dull. First of all, they nerfed the Mandalorian about as much as they could. This member of an ancient warrior mercenary group known throughout the galaxy was.... not impressive in the slightest. His combat skills were lackluster, to say the least. His bargaining skills weren't there. He just kind of fumbled through everything and got lucky that baby yoda and others were constantly there to help. Where's the skills and power of Boba or Jango Fett? They're of the same cloth. Jango Fett took on Obi Wan. This version of a Mandalorian seems like he'll blow over if you whistle at him just right. Also, the writing after the first episode (maybe second) went downhill so fast. There was no consistency or really anything interesting after the baby yoda reveal. I can't imagine Favreau was actually the one who put that plotline together.

    And now we have The Mandalorian season 2. I'll admit, I've only watched about 20 minutes of the first episode. It seems slightly better. I just hope they listened to everyone who was disappointed with the pacing and the problems of the first season. This story deserves love and attention. All it takes is someone who actually cares and knows the universe to make this show not only a great fanservice, but a great show entirely.

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    I loved the first 2 1/2 episodes of the first season. But started to sense trouble toward the end of the third episode, that this may not be the great show it seemed it was destined to be. I then quickly lost interest after starting the fourth episode and quickly realized I didn't care anymore. And never went back to it.

    I'm not a Star Wars fan really. I don't hate the franchise, I just never got into it. Only have seen a few of the films in totality. The first 2, and 2 of the early 2000's reboots. None of the newer ones. So I was hoping this was something I could get into without knowing much, and enjoy just streaming at home. And see what I was missing out on. So far.. doesn't seem like much.

    Which sucks after such an awesome start to a show.

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    Why do you think it took a dive so quickly into its first season? I've seen shows do this before. Many times it was because they changed the director, or they lost or switched writers. Pacing can be an issue caused in the editing room too.