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Survey reveals top show cancellations that upset fans the most

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    For the most part, cancellations are always disappointing. You put your heart and emotions into a show, only to find out there will be no more episodes. You almost take it personally, at least I kind of do anyway. A recent survey was done to see what cancellation upset fans the most, and I'm surprised that these made the cut, to be honest. I'm also going to post the top five cancellations that disappointed me the most.

    The Survey:

    Luke Cage – 71%

    G.L.O.W – 61%

    Santa Clarita Diet – 60%

    The Punisher – 55%

    Teenage Bounty Hunters – 52%

    BoJack Horseman – 50%

    The OA – 49%

    Next in Fashion – 47%

    Altered Carbon – 44%

    Disjointed – 40%

    Now for mine:

    1. Sense8

    2. Freaks and Geeks

    3. Lucifer

    4. BoJack Horseman

    5. GLOW

    Let's see everyone else's lists.

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    The OA's #1 with a bullet for me.

    Otherwise I kinda liked Girlboss, which lasted only 1 season on Netflix.

    Firefly anyone?

    Oh. My Name is Earl. Lasted a few seasons but never got the final season it deserved.

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    Oh yeah, My Name is Earl. That would definitely be on my list. I won't watch Firefly because I don't like getting attached to a show that only had one season. But I hear Serenity wrapped things up for the show.