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Daft Punk breaks up, share your favorite songs

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    Sad day. The musical duo Daft Punk, perhaps the best electronic band in history, is calling it a quits after 28 years. They started in 1993, debuted their first album in 1997 and made it big time with 'Discovery' in 2001. They've had several hits and have been known forever as legendary music producers, that seem to be from another world. Of course that's their persona as well - they're famous for always wearing futuristic helmets to conceal their identity.

    In honor of the band, figure we could discuss some of our favorite Daft Punk songs, albums and/or videos.

    I have to say that Random Access Memories is my favorite album of theirs, and was easily one of the best albums of the decade for me. Top 10, maybe top 3, would have to think about it. The combo of 'Within' and 'Beyond' really makes that album for me, and are two of my favorite songs of theirs. Also loved their work with the Tron soundtrack, and 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' is one of the very first songs I think of when I think of ANY electronic music.

    They broke the news in this 8 minute video.

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    The video literally gave me chills. Also made me really sad. They changed the world of music by bringing back elements of music we had thrown away over the decades and making them relevant again. They showed that there really isn't any waste in music and that everything still has a life of its own. I truly hope one or both of them continue to make music. Anyway, thanks Daft Punk - God Speed.

    My top song(this song literally changed my life):

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    Fragments of Time. Greatness.