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Disney announces 'Frozen 2'. Money grab or legit sequel?

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    The first Frozen made some $1.3 billion at the box office, not to mention millions more with home video and merchandising sales. This one film alone has brought Disney films (aside from Pixar hits) back from somewhat floundering obscurity over the last decade or so.

    No surprise that the animation company just announced that they plan to release a Frozen 2 sequel. Not sure on release date just yet. ... I never saw the original, but have heard some songs here and there, as you can't escape the youtube videos and radio play. So, what do you think, is this a straight up movie grab by Disney? Or do you think they honestly have a solid script lined up that's worthy of continuing the story? There really is nothing worse than a production company making installments of an original idea, just because they know millions will buy a ticket. And my guess is that the sequel will easily surpass any monies made, compared to the first. Long, long lines of kids (little girls mostly I'm sure, like my niece for one) and parents alike will make this surely one of the most profitable films in history. That's my guess. Let's just hope its not like other sequels that pretty much sucked.
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    A lot of Disney films have straight to video sequels, some were decent, some weren't. Aladdin, The little Mermaid, Lion King all had sequels.

    My girlfriend loves Frozen, I'm not too much of a fan but I imagine I will be going to see the sequel with her.