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Black Pumas deserved to win Record of the Year

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    Beyonce has enough awards. Doja Cat, seriously? Billie Ellish is deserving but she is also lauded plenty. Dua Lipa, same deal. Post Malone, yet again.

    No.. really the only interesting nominee for the Grammy's Record of the Year is 'Colors' by Black Pumas. I love this song, and was actually very surprised by the whole album, which was also nominated. If you haven't listened to it, it's only 10 songs and 39 minutes so it goes quick. Which lends itself well to listening on repeat.

    The band is soul, or 'American psychedelic soul' as wiki labels them. They are based out of Austin TX, which being a Texan makes me want them to win even more. The lead singer, Eric Burton, has an excellent voice and is a very talented and thoughtful songwriter. Music production is top notch. Just a great band that I'm very excited for their next release; hell of a debut!

    Their song 'Colors' was far and away my most listened to song in all of 2020, and quickly became one of my favorite songs all-time.

    Agree with me? Should they win or do you like one of the other songs more? I think we need to reward more bands like this. Fresh, original, creative and an excellent blend of old and new sounds - it's perfect for the Grammy's to honor with one of their top awards.