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The Bachelorette will have 2 stars this season

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    It was just announced yesterday that the upcoming season of The Bachelorette will feature two bachelorettes instead of just the normal one. The two new bachelorettes will be Katie Thurston and Michelle Young.

    I guess I can understand this shift for the show. Every single season they promise it to be the biggest, best, most capturing television ever made, only for it to be the same formula simply tweaked here and there. The new formula of the bachelor/bachelorette having an extensional crises 3 episodes before the finale and deciding not to propose at all has gotten a bit bland lately, so changing something up isn't the worst idea. Two bachelorettes just may be the ticket. Then again, it might just mean we'll have four existential crisis' on screen to watch for 6 hours until the next two are announced.. I can't imagine this dual-bachelorettes idea will just go away after one season. I predict it'll be here to stay.

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    So... are all the guys dating both Bachelorettes this time around? Seems pretty ripe from drama if so.
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    Oh who knows. I'm sure they'll make it with the most drama in mind though. And that sounds like a drama filled situation if I've ever heard one.