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Recent events have showed us how nonsense celebrities are

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    The beginning of last year brought on challenges for absolutely everyone. It affected every single person, no matter how famous you are, how much money you have, where you're from, anything. There wasn't a single person that wasn't somehow affected by everything going on. But the group I'm referring to now is celebrities in particular. Something changed about them recently. They no longer have that start power that they did before. Something about everyone having to stay at home so there was less media on them, or maybe their nonsense "we are all the same" videos that popped up like crazy made them seem smaller than they were before.

    This is all so interesting to see. If more of these stars stayed out of the limelight it would probably be a good thing.

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    Even before all of this happened, celebrities were just people at the end of the day. Nothing really special about them aside from the value we place on them as consumers.