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2015 Oscar Snubs - Once Again Box Office Hits Get No Love

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    If the Oscars really want to be taken more seriously, they really need to get on the ball of at least sort of mirroring the greater audience at large. How in the world can you not at least nominate fan favorite/ box office movies that were critically acclaimed as well (for more than just technical awards)?

    My main gripe is Interstellar. Every year there is some big epic box office movie that is really good, and gets completely ignored for acclaim come awards season. Another fan favorite that was really good this year: The Guardians of the Galaxy. If you can nominate up to 10 Best Picture films for the Oscars, why not fill the final two slots in 2015 with those, instead of sticking with only 8, one being American Sniper that clearly shouldn't be on the list at all IMO.

    Interstellar, Guardians.. lots of people rightly saying that the Lego Movie should be getting more love, it didn't even get a best animated award??

    Those are my main snubs for this year. Any others that I missed? What films did you really like that came out in 2014 that were completely ignored by the Academy?