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Miley Cyrus Calls Indiana Governor Mike Pence An a-hole

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    Miley Cyrus just spoke out along with a slew of other celebs against the new law in Indiana. The law will ultimately give Employers the right to legally discriminate against homosexuals. It is astonishing to me that something like this can happen today. There is always dark clouds looming somewhere, turns out one is Indiana. You can read further details Here.

    What do you think about this? Is there any precedent for passing this law whatsoever? Other than the obvious religious aspect of it all.
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    There is precedent, but it's pretty lousy precedent if you ask me. Similar controversy has been looming over states like Utah and definitely Arizona for years now. Remember hearing about the wedding cake issue? That law found a way to discriminate on religious grounds as well. I'm completely against businesses hiding behind religion just to discriminate. They say that's not what they are doing. But that's just because they are blinded by their silly dogma. Refusing to serve someone just because you interpret an old text in such a way that says you can hate and exclude others just because of their sexual orientation is absurd and gross. It is discrimination, no matter what they try and call it.