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I just finished The Crown. What an excellent show

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    I'm sure most everyone who doesn't watch the The Crown is probably pretty tired of hearing about how excellent The Crown is. The show keeps raking in the awards and praise every day. When I hit play on the very first episode I probably got about half way through it and decided it wasn't for me. Fast forward months later when I finally sat back down to try it again, simply because I didn't really want to watch anything else. I binged watched the entire think in just a week or two. And again, what an excellent show.

    There's not a ton of dramatic moments other than the occasional "I told you so" by the Queen. There's little to no action. It basically doesn't have really any too exciting moments. What's so great about the show is how realistic it is. Every single actor absolutely destroys their role. Every single set piece is phenomenal. Really everything about it is great. I highly suggest the show to everyone. Oh and if the first couple episodes aren't really to your liking, just continue watching a bit more. It changes pretty dramatically after the first two episodes.