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Is Hollywood holding back on movies?

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    Since this whole virus thing started, it's easy to say that media and entertainment took a nose dive. Summer blockbusters went into mothballs, and the awards ceremonies were lackluster at best. I can't think of a single movie I was really excited to see in the past year. Aside from some high-minded indy films, there hasn't been much to get excited about, in my opinion. Granted, I know there have been some major releases via streaming sites, but I still feel like there really hasn't been all THAT much. So, with that being said, do you think Hollywood and studios have just put their big blockbusters on the back burner until all of this is over? I can see that being the case for summer movies because those are the ones that really sell the tickets at the box office. Anyone in-the-know on this?
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    I'm not 'in the know' but I agree with your opinion. If I was a studio exec no way would I put a billion dollar script out right now. What's the point? Just wait a year or so. All these mega studios think long term anyways so yeah I think you're exactly right.