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'American Idol' Season 14 - Top 5 Contestants Left Standing

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    Lower viewership and a waning lack of interest has forced 'American Idol' to adapt and change with the times. Bye bye Coca-Cola. So long Randy Jackson. No more extra show a week to announce the winners. And so on with changes like that for the latest season 14 format.

    You now have Scott Borchetta in the mentor role, instead of Randy. And the performances AND results are now announced in a single 2 hour show this time around. Also, instead of having the top 10 make it into the American Idol summer tour, they cut that to the top 5 contestants.

    That brings us to the last show to air, which announced the top 5 to advance onto the finals, and the ones we will be hearing about and seeing on tour this summer, and possibly at least one or two of these newbies will be heard all over the radio as well soon. Here are the winners and what they sang:

    Jax Cole was the first announced through. She sang a rendition of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" that was renamed to "Are You Gonna Be My Guy?". She also sang a very solid cover of Dido's "White Flag".

    Nick Fradiani covered Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" well, to advance. He also sang an uneven version of "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. I wasn't a fan of that performance, but it was good enough apparently.

    Clark Beckham did The Beatles' "Yesterday" and Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend". The crowd was really into the Bieber cover. But I just couldn't get behind the Yesterday try. I was okay, but trying to take on the Beatles (almost) always leaves me less than impressed.

    Tyanna Jones sang Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA". I'm sorry, but I really,really dislike that song, so I had to mute it. Redemption though, her other chose was very well done, when she covered "Heaven", the Bryan Adams original.

    This left Quentin Alexander and Rayvon Owen in the bottom two. Unfortunately for all of Alexander's twitter love and votes, it wasn't enough to save him from Owen's renditions of Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One" and Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way". Neither were great. But serviceable for advancement I would say. I think the voting went pretty right, as Alexander doing "Light My Fire" and "Shake It Out" were clearly not top 5 material.

    How do you think the voting has gone so far? The names in bold are the top 5, and the folks we will be seeing on tour and like I said probably hearing more from in the months or years to come. Do you think any of them has what it takes to actually be a legitimate star in the music industry? Of all these, I am most interested in Tyanna Jones or Jax Cole.