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'The Voice' Getting a Surprise Adviser Group!

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    There will be quite a homecoming for this Monday! The show is getting some of their most loved people back on. Gwen Stefani, Ceelo Green, and Usher will all be coming back on to serve as advisers to the Season 8 contestants. Advisers are there to coach the singers to the many different aspects to singing and performing. Along with the exciting return to the show, there is already a stacked panel of judges including:

    Adam Levine
    Pharrell Williams
    Christina Aguilera
    Black Shelton

    I think this is a great idea. It's one thing to have a set of judges who have performed their whole life judging your ever note. It's another to have those same people (other than Ceelo in my opinion) helping you every step of the way. It has always bothered me that some seasons shows like this slip a judge in the mix that doesn't have quite the same set of vocals as the others.
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    That's why this show beats every other talent tv gig running these days.. the producers seem to be really good at keeping things current and interesting. I have to disagree on Ceelo though. I like the guy. I know exactly why most don't. But I'm just a sucker for his one hit 'Crazy'. That's enough cache for me to give him a pass.
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    I'm not a regular watcher of the show but my roommate loves it and the parts that I do catch are really good.