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'Survivor': Twists, Turns, and Traitors at Every Corner

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    Survivor is known for having tons of huge twists and turns throughout the show. Some are great for one single player, while some are just plain bad for everyone. 'Worlds Apart' is now becoming the same.


    One issue that has come up is my personal favorite. The traitors get called out. While Rodney is already plotting to take out Mike. Tyler is starting to realize Rodney may be on to something. Sounds like almost a done deal, except Mike overheard some of the planning and has labeled Rodney as a traitor. Which everyone knows is definitely not a good place for anyone to be if you plan on, well surviving.

    At this point Mike is running out of allies.
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    I jump in and out of watching the show. But gotta say, I've been waiting for that twist for a long time now. Surprised it took them this long to do it, unless I missed it last time around.. Mike's toast. Once you're labeled like that, it's just a matter of when, not if you go.