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Millions Tune in to Watch Bruce Jenner Publicly Come out as a Woman

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    Nearly 17 million Americans tuned in to watch Bruce Jenner publicly come out as a woman during an interview with Diane Sawyer. The ratings hit showed how intrigued many Americans are about the former Olympic gold medal winner and reality television star and her decision to come out as a woman.

    The two hour special was the first time Jenner spoke publicly about her decision to become a woman and tried to shine a light on the millions of other people who struggle with gender identity. Her story undoubtedly resonated with closeted transgender individuals who struggle with societal norms and its misunderstanding of what it means to be a transgender individual.

    What did you think of the interview? Were you as impressed with her composure and patience as Diane Sawyer asked her some extremely personal questions, or did you think that the interview could have been better?

    You can watch the full interview by on 20/20's official website.
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    I think the interview was great. Not too many questions that may have insulted Jenner along the way. But enough that it was a well in depth interview. Though, of course the news was quite shocking to me. Over the past few years everyone has seen his face and body language change quite dramatically. So figured something was up with that. Then again, it's easy to fall into the botched plastic surgery jobs out there.
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    I actually was very impressed with Jenner in the interview. Open, honest, and surprisingly more grounded in reality than the impressions I have gotten in the past, from the reality shows Jenner associates/has associated with. Of note, E! News is in talks to do an 8 episode reality show, following Jenner's transition.

    If you happened to have missed the interview, or just want a solid recap of the whole situation, I much liked Complex's youtube video: