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Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton's New Child Causing a Lot of Buzz

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    There is no question that the new royal baby should be celebrated and talked about in England. That is quite obvious as he is a new member of the royal family. My question is, why is it such a popular topic here in the U.S.? I here news about their routines, wardrobes, diets, and gossips almost daily. I've just never understood why. Other than the fact that they are royalty. And that comes with a level of talk among the people. But I wouldn't think that would include us as well.

    I wonder how they feel about people here in the states broadcasting their doings. And I'm positive in some cases, well over exaggerating them.
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    This exists mainly do to gossip mags looking for easy headlines, and news organizations looking for the same. They know that royal family drama sells. Why do people care in the first place? That's a great question. I think its a bit of the chicken and the egg kind of question: did people genuinely always care about the royal family's drama, so much so that the news had to cover it? OR does the media trump up nonsense family drama that they know they can package and sell easily, and the US people just take the bait, and now everyone's hooked, like a bad reality tv show? .... I say the latter.