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Bruce Jenner's Transition To Be A Reality Show, Alongside 'Karadashians'

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    Unnamed show (for now) was confirmed by E! News to air, that will be all about Bruce Jenner's life as a transgender woman. The show is said to focus on "the former Olympian living for the first time as the person he feels he was born to be". This will be an 8 episode, 1-hour long a piece docuseries, to premiere July 26th.

    Along with this, Jenner will also be coming out to his family and now ex-wife on the season finale episode of 'Keeping Up with the Karadashians'.

    It was interesting to hear Jenner discuss his relationship with his kids and ex-wife on his transition. What struck me most during the interview with Diana Sawyer was Jenner saying that Kayne West was actually the sole person responsible for helping Kim come around and be supportive of Bruce's decision to transition. Now, Jenner says, Kim is the most supportive and understanding, easiest to talk to, of them all.

    What are your thoughts on Bruce Jenner's choice to allow E! News to air 8 hours of footage, documented this journey into a transgender role? Do you think Kim, Kanye and the rest of the family will feature a large role in the show?

    I feel I should say that Bruce has come out to say that there is no need to indicate a particular pronoun when you address him. Or her. Either way, for now, is suitable. So don't feel caught in a language trap, or feel bad if you don't know which pronoun is correct. As far as I can tell, you can use both interchangeably. If that changes, please for free to let me know. I have much respect for Jenner's decision, and don't want to be accidentally disrespectful.
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    I applaud Jenner for coming out and embracing this story head on. But, I am no fan of reality shows. Leaves me torn... On one hand, I can't sit and watch E! News for more than a few minutes without feeling like my skin is boiling. I get the same feeling with watching Fox News, btw. On the other though, I think this story is important for more than just ratings and reality nonsense. Millions of people feel alone and scared, troubled over coming to terms with transgender realities. They have little information, and it could greatly benefit many to have a show like this on the air. So, I guess I just sold myself on it being a good thing, as long as they stick to the important stuff, and shy away from the typical reality show format that unnecessarily dramatizes for ratings.
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    This is a sensitive topic. And one that I'm not sure E! News will be able to handle correctly. Does make you wonder though.. what channel would handle it better though? I wouldn't be anymore behind one of the big 4 local networks manning the reigns.

    Maybe if Showtime or HBO did, it could be handled best. Less censorship would go down there, and more honesty would translate. Not to mention better audience reach. As is, I have my doubts it won't be sensationalized and crazy over the top, just like all the gossip mags you see in the grocery stores by the check out lanes.
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    I'm all about each and every person having the ability to be who they want to be. I will never judge anyone based off of who they love or what sex they feel they are. That is their business and I feel that I have no right to judge someone for who they are.

    However, I do have to admit that I'm a little weary of reality shows popping up every time a celebrity does something that could make a channel some money. I don't believe that Ms. Jenner came out as a female just because she wanted to get her own reality show, but it does seem a little off to me that she publicly came out as a female and then all of a sudden has her own reality TV show.