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Whiplash should win Best Picture

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    I saw every nominated film for best picture this year. And for the most part, I thought the list was .. not bad. Better than other years, that's for sure. For my money though, I would have nixed American Sniper (for inaccuracies) and The Theory of Everything (because it was a good story, but a very boring watch) and replaced them with Wild and probably Interstellar. But it is what it is. And my favorite film of the year did make it, so I'm good. Here are the 8 films nominated for the 2015 Academy Awards Best Picture:

    American Sniper
    The Grand Budapest Hotel
    The Imitation Game
    The Theory of Everything

    As the forum title suggests, my vote goes wholeheartedly to Whiplash. It's the only film of the bunch I felt compelled to watch more than once. And I think its worthy of being held up in the history books as an achievement in filmdom (if that's even a word?). From the directing/editing/cinematography angle, this film is near perfect. It has an uneasy, nervous edge to it that almost makes you anxious watching it. Very well done. Sharp and unique. A shame the director didn't get nominated as well. But I'm glad to see the editor did, and I expect that firm to win there.

    Then there's the writing. I think this is the strongest point of the film, and why it should win. It's not typical Hollywood messaging, for starters. It deals with the price of trying to become 'great', and what it takes to push someone beyond what's expected of them. Imagine where a typical Hollywood film would take that ultimately, and then flip it on its head. That's Whiplash. Sadly, I don't think it will win. Just like my favorite of last year 'Her' lost. But I do think Whiplash will take home Best Editor and Best Actor for J.K.Simmons.

    My guess is that Birdman wins, which I liked but thought it wasn't exactly the best movie I've ever seen. Do you agree with me, or do you think one of these other films should win instead?