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Colbert Donates Enough Money to Fund Every Teacher Project Request in SC

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    Stephen Colbert recently donated enough money to fully fund every single project request that South Carolina teachers had listed on a teacher crowdfunding website. The website, DonorsChoose, is devoted to providing funding for projects in some of the most economically neglected schools throughout the country.

    Another really neat thing is that Colbert used the funds he raised from the auctioning of his old 'Colbert Report' set. In case you don't remember, Colbert auctioned off his entire set before leaving the 'Colbert Report' late last year.

    I think that using that money to individually fund hundreds of requests for teachers is far more meaningful than writing a big check for one organization and shows how much he cares about his former home state of South Carolina.

    You can watch a video of his announcement below. It was really fun to watch the teachers reactions when they heard that every request they made was being honored.

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    Awesome stuff. I remember watching his final episode and wondering where all that money was really going, and that he was being very modest as to how much he really raised. Good on him. He's one of the cooler celebrities out there.