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Bill Maher's Stand Up Venues Brings Blue Comedy to Red States

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    Bill Maher may be known best for his weekly show on HBO, but he is also a veteran stand up comedian who almost exclusively performs his stand up routines in some of the 'reddest' locations in the country. This set up may not seem to make a lot of sense to you, but it's proven to work for him for years now. While many comedians, especially the politically oriented ones, will choose to perform in areas of the country that tend to agree with their own political views, Maher has chosen to perform in conservative locations for years and shows no sign of changing up that anytime soon.

    His choice of venues makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Cities, even in some of the reddest states, are often more left leaning than rural areas of these states. The people who live in those cities strive to see like minded people in person and don't hesitate to fork up the money to see someone who can make them laugh. I can attest to this because Maher came to my former home city of Peoria, IL a few years back and I had the pleasure of watching some of the best stand up comedy I have seen before or after.

    Has anyone else seen Bill Maher do his stand up routine? If so, what state did you live in when he did his performance?
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    He's come through the Dallas area a few times on my radar. I used to really want to go and see him, but never did. I've fallen off caring about the guy as much though lately (the last 4-5 years). I used to think he was a great 'independent' voice, telling it like it really was and pointing out hypocrisy all across the board. But now, not so much.

    He's a liberal comedian, which there is nothing wrong with that. But it is a shame to me that he is so influenced by one greats in George Carlin, and yet he decided to 'pick a side', were Carlin proudly and loudly refused to ever do. Funny thing is that's what Maher respected so much about Carlin.