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The World Will Continue to Spin After Jon Stewart's Departure, but It Will be Tough

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    I have to admit that I was quite sad the night I learned that Jon Stewart was leaving the Daily Show later this year. I immediately began thinking about where I was going to get my nightly fix of both current events and laughter that I have grown so accustomed to after nearly a decade of viewership.

    It's crazy to think that I have watched nearly every episode of 'The Daily Show' for over a decade. I began watching during my early days of college and never looked back. His ability to explain complex issues using a comedic platform and not be afraid to ruffle the feathers of both political parties is going to be impossible to replace.

    When you sit back and think about all he has accomplished, it's hard to not call him one of a kind. Not only did he chair one of the most popular political and current events show for well over a decade, he introduced us to the likes of Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. His legacy will live on well past his final show later this year.

    So even though we won't be able to continue watching Stewart for much longer, he has teed up some high quality talent that we will be able to enjoy for years to come. For that, I will be forever grateful!
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    I am really going to miss Jon Stewart. It'll be impossible to replace him, but I do have a good feeling about Trevor Noah being up for the task. Time will tell whether I'm right or not.
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    Yeah, I've watched (at the very least) half of all The Daily Show episodes over the last decade too (started around the same time actually, senior year of high school for me). I will miss the guy, and I don't think anyone will be able to replace him. Sure, maybe someone like Noah will be able to handle the show nicely. Or a ton of other guys or girls for that matter. But Jon was different not just because he was a good host, but because Jon wasn't just a host.

    He is more like something of an activist, and really has a unique voice on politics and culture at large. When I became a lifelong fan of Stewart, it wasn't because of the Daily Show. It was because of the now infamous CNN Crossfire interview he did years back, where he completely obliterated the two hosts. It was beautiful. I've had nothing but respect for the guy ever since.

    For old times sake, or if you haven't seen it, definitely watch. Jon Stewart was, and still is, a complete badass.

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    That is something I will never forget. I also think his appearance is largely responsible for that show being cancelled a couple months later.

    It's weird being the age that I am and realizing that the person I've spent watching for half of my life will be off of the air soon. I wonder if what I'm feeling is the same way people felt when past personalities they watched on a nightly basis stepped down. I'm sure they always thought that no one could replace them, but someone always does and the world kept on spinning.
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    Stewart has a unique type of audience. One that was built solely by him and his personality and opinions. Us fans of him don't just see him as another news reporter, we see him as an actually person with common sense. I think that's going to be the toughest thing to replace. Not the news aspect, but the human aspect that he brought.