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Late Show With Stephen Colbert Can't Come Soon Enough

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    I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of the Late Show With David Letterman. In fairness--I was never a big fan of any late night show on the 'big three' before Jimmy Fallon came around a few years ago. But that's all about to change in September when Stephen Colbert takes over for the retiring host and boy can it not come soon enough.

    I've been thinking a lot lately about how Colbert is going to conduct the show. I get that he is going to drop the persona that we have all grown accustomed to, but I really wonder how he is going to do things when he takes over. My hope is that he will still be as funny as ever and change himself too much by trying to appease a wider audience than he had at Comedy Central. That's my biggest fear, but one that I don't think will wind up being true.

    My guess is that he will be just as funny with the hard "T" at the end of his name and without the persona I got so used to watching. I don't think that CBS would have given him this coveted role if they didn't have faith that he would be able to keep most of his former fans while bringing in new ones. Time will tell if I'm proven correct. I sure hope that I am!
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    Judging from the way that Colbert acts when he isn't in character for the Report, I think the show will be good. Maybe not as good as the Report, but it all really comes down to if you like the guy (host) or not, as a person. And Stephen Colbert in interviews just being himself is a cool, nice, quick-witted guy. Might take several episodes from him to find his groove. But I think he will do well.
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    The countdown is now officially on after David Letterman's final show last night. I am really looking forward to Stephen Colbert's premier in early September. It will be nice to see him back on the air after nearly a year off.