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Rumer Willis Crowned 'Dancing With the Stars' Champion

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    Rumer Willis and partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, took home the mirror ball trophy on Tuesday night. This will make them the 20th season champions. Rumer is the daughter of the very well known, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. When asked what her dad thought of her win he simply replied, "as proud as you can be."

    Rumer said she was very surprised to of won. That's not to say she didn't have faith in herself that she had an excellent season. It's just always surprising when you win something that's so big. Willis had this to say when asked about her win:

    “I had this moment where I was like, wait, does that mean we were eliminated or we’re not? Oh, wait, okay, we won! Oh my gosh! This is awesome!”

    Congrats to the champions! You deserve it!
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    Congratulations to Ms. Willis, but I also have to wonder if the show is beginning to run low on people it can call celebrities?! I don't mean to demean Ms. Willis in any way, but it just seems like the show is really scratching to find 'celebrities' who are willing to come on the show...