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Fans Outraged After Latest "Game of Thrones' Episode: SPOILERS

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    It seems there is a large group of fans that are denouncing the show after last weeks episode. Saying that George R.R. Martin is pushing the violence and graphic-ness too far. The last episode ended with a violent rape scene of one the main characters of the show, Sansa Stark. The act was carried out by her new husband, which is a very much hated character throughout the show.While this was happening, the assailant forces another tortured sole to watch. Although they did not show the act taking place, you see the pain in the eyes of the onlooker, Theon Greyjoy.

    Was this too far? I'm not sure. It did leave me with quite a sour taste in my mouth and thoughts toward the show after seeing it. Not just because of the violence in that particular episode, but because the show never seems to wrap up any particular problem. And if they do, they quickly replace it with another that is 100x worse. You never get any satisfaction. Only frustration and pain. But as a deep fan of the show in it's entirety, I understand we are not watching the 'Brady Bunch' here. Everyone knew what they signed up for.

    What do you think about the violence seemingly getting more and more graphic throughout the show? Is it too much at this point? Or is it just simply 'Game of Thrones' and people need to get over it. I'm teetering.
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    It's strange where people draw the line when it comes to violence. Game of Thrones is one of the most violent shows on TV. But if you had to compile a top 10 list of the most disturbing/violent scenes of GOT to this point, I don't think most would have that scene in question in the top 5, or probably not even top 10.

    That's not to say anything whatsoever to the horrors of rape. Of course it's terrible. But like you said, they wisely did not show the scene. In contrast though, flip on Lifetime channel at any given time, and chances are pretty high you will see such a scene being shown.
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    Theon Greyjoy geting tortured and turned into Reek.. now that was disturbing.
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    Read a pretty good article talking about how overblown this scene is: Game of Thrones rape? Care more about real assaults.