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Daughters Suspect Assistant/Manager in B.B. King's Death

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    An investigation has been opened in the death of the great B.B. King. The details are still quite fuzzy and vague, but it seems the daughter's are stating that King's closets employees could be to blame for poisoning him. The allegations are pointed at personal assistant Myron Johnson, and business manager LaVerne Toney. Of course as I said, details are still vague. The authorities are holding off on pursuing a full on investigation until the reports come back specifically stating the COD.

    While I would never want anyone to get away with such a thing, It seems that every time someone in the spotlight passes, there is allegations of some foul play. There is rarely a cut-n-dry, "this is what happened". And if there is, you can bet that shortly after the simple story breaks there will be plenty of rumor stories about who's fault it actually was. "Can you believe it! The maid did it!". "Wife suspected in forcing the needle into arm of heroin overdosed husband! Read more Here!"

    Rest easy King. If someone is at fault, all we can really hope for is tons of tabloid articles about aliens and managers to blame. Then we will hold a bunch of useless trial to get to the bottom of it. Then when/if we find out there was foul play, the person will surely get off without punishment. But hey, at least it was good tv for a while right?
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    I just saw this story this morning and have to admit that I am highly skeptical of the accusations. King was 89 years old and had been battling Type II Diabetes for decades. It's not that far of a stretch to believe that he eventually succumbed to it.

    My guess, and I have to stress this is my opinion, is that these daughters are angling for control of his estate and the millions of dollars that comes with it. None of his children are executors of his will and accusing the executor of murder seems to be a desperate attempt to wrest control of his estate, which was not the late artists wishes.

    Like I said, this is just my opinion, but children of celebrities who die almost always fight over the amount of assets they will get, especially if they have no control over how it is all doled out.
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    No thread is complete for King without a reminder of how great he really was. He did so much for blues, and countless artists owe so much of their career to the guy (Clapton comes to mind). He just made it look so effortless, and believable. This is the blues:

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    King was amazing. He rocked the music industry.

    As for the accusations, no matter which side is true, it will put an ugly footnote on his life. Either he was poisoned, or his family is making up lies to go against King's dying wishes. It's a bad situation either way. Test results will be back in 6-8 weeks and then we will see.