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What did you think of American Sniper?

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    American Sniper. I really don't know exactly how I feel about this film. When I first saw it, I thought it was just okay. Reminded me of a mix between Hurt Locker and oddly enough The Tree of Life. But both of those movies are far superior, in almost every way though. If you wanna see a movie about a guy that wrestles with the thrill of war and PTSD at the same time, your time is much better spent with The Hurt Locker. And if you wanna see a guy try to live up to his hardass dad's wildly simplified take on life, same goes for Malick's Tree of Life.

    And then there's the way it tackles the Iraq war, which even politics aside really rubbed me the wrong way. There's zero mention of the rights and wrongs for being there in the first place. With that, in and of itself, I can forgive. We already have other movies that deal with that issue. But the way that Eastwood (the director) almost seems to revel in the indiscriminate killing of Muslims (children and women included) really almost made me want to turn it off halfway through.

    Not to mention the controversy of Chris Kyle. Now Bradley Cooper does a fantastic job with the role. But that's almost besides the point when you hear that Kyle likely was nothing like that. Even his own autobiography doesn't paint the personality of a guy that's simply patriotic and there just doing his duty for his country. You get the feeling Kyle was arrogant, and possibly a liar.

    What was your takeaway from the film? I know its getting a lot of blow back from certain sections of the media. And I honestly do not see how it was nominated for Best Picture. If it wins, that might be the final straw for me and the Oscars.
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    I agree that the politics behind the movie rubbed me the wrong way. The way it almost glorified the killing of 'savages' turned me off and made me think more about that than the story Eastwood was trying to put forth.

    All in all, it was an ok movie. I definitely don't think it lives up to the hype or even comes close to being in my top ten of war movies, but it kept my attention throughout.
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    Didn't hate it at first. Thought it was a decent movie. Then once the media got ahold of it, they turned me into pretty much hating it, for good reasons.