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Kim Kardashian's NPR Spot Has Fans Outraged

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    I am an avid listener of NPR. It's my go to station everyday, any time of day. I was shocked when I tuned in to hear that Kim Kardashian had an 'interview' on the show. I do not subscribe to NPR for the latest in meaningless pop-culture. I listen to it for it's diverse news and to learn more about the world. Though Kim K. is part of the world, I just could care less about what app she has coming out, house she is about to buy, or cloths she is coming out with. I am not the only fan I am referring to, of course. The show had a slew of people call in and complain.

    This is not news. This is pop-culture. Please NPR, do not give me a reason to start disliking my favorite audio pass time. I understand that you want to fire on all cylinders... But please, do not put diesel into a gasoline engine.

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    Well put. What segment was running this interview, do you know? Can't imagine which one would think it worth their time..