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When to Watch This Year's Miss USA Pageant

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    This year's Miss USA Pageant is going to kickoff on Sunday, 12th. Though there is plenty of before and after viewing festivities, the actual event starts at 8pm EST. Who will win this year? That's a question I am not qualified enough to answer. These are my personal favorites, along with several others who are favored.

    Miss Alabama: Madison Guthrie, 20

    Miss Alaska: Kimberly Agron, 20

    Miss Arizona: Maureen Montagne, 22

    Miss Arkansas: Leah Blefko, 21

    Miss California: Natasha Martinez, 23

    Miss District of Columbia: Lizzy Olsen, 26

    Miss Florida: Ashleigh Lollie, 24

    Miss Georgia: Brooke Fletcher, 23

    Miss Hawaii: Emma Wo, 25

    Miss Idaho: Claira Hollingsworth, 22

    Miss Illinois: Renee Wronecki, 22

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    Congrats to Olivia Jordan from OKC. Surprised this got aired at all though. I mean, I knew it wasn't going to get cancelled completely, just that it was in serious danger of losing tv broadcast.

    Well.. it really did actually, unless you pay any attention to the REELZ channel. Which I heard they did quite well picking that last minute contract up on the cheap.. I wonder if Trump pissed off NBC enough to lose their partnership for good?