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Trevor Noah to Focus More on BuzzFeed and Less on Fox News

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    Trevor Noah is going to end The Daily Show's war against Fox News.

    That came as a big surprise to me, but I guess it really shouldn't have. Anytime someone takes over a show they want to be able to run it the way they want to and not how their predecessor did.

    Noah wants to take the show into a direction that focuses more on the emerging internet driven news and entertainment industry and not just on 24/7 television news channels. It's an interesting concept, but I do wonder how fans that grew so accustomed to Stewart's blistering diatribes against television news in general and Fox News in particular will react.

    I will definitely give Noah a chance to stake his claim, but I am one of those loyal Daily Show viewers who does worry if Noah is going to be able to fill the void left behind by the iconic Stewart.

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    It only makes sense that he will want to make his own stamp on the show, but I'm not so sure that loyal viewers of the show care that much about what BuzzFeed or other online websites have to say about things. I understand why he wants to take the show in the direction that he sees fit, but I just don't think the average viewer of the show will feel they have to tune in every night to hear Noah's take on the latest BuzzFeed story.

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    Sounds a lot more like @midnight, and a lot less like what the Daily Show has been for the last 2 decades. I don't know about this.. if Noah keeps the focus on a mix of BuzzFeed stuff that mostly covers the news, politics and stuff along those lines, it can be quite good. If its E! News gossip and celebrity stuff, count me out.