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Jon Stewart's Last 'Daily Show' Episode Ever

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    End of an era, man. TV is losing an icon, and Jon Stewart will be moving on. Not sure 100% what Stewart and company have in store for the final episode of his 16 year run, but I'm sure it will be well worth tuning in for.

    I have watched The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart for the past going on 11 years now, basically ever since I was old enough to care about politics and the news in general. And I have loyally watched him at least a few times a week ever since. That's untold hundreds of episodes and interviews I've seen. Going to really miss this show, at least with Stewart behind the desk.

    John McCain and Chuck Schumer have been rumored as potential last guests. Also it's a solid bet we will see Colbert, Carrell, Oliver and all the other former correspondents that have worked with Jon over the years. (at least the ones that he helped launch careers for anyways, no doubt).

    Maybe we will see Colin Quinn (one of Stewart's favorite talk show hosts) and if Jon got lucky, Springsteen will play him out. Now that would be cool.

    Final episode will air on Thursday, 8/6/2015 at the usual time on Comedy Central - 11pm/10pm CT. And of course Comedy Central streams free replays of all the recent episodes in full, on their site.

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    Man. That was one hell of a show. I will readily admit that I cried more than once. My favorite part was Stephen Colbert's unscripted and moving tribute to Jon.

    Comedy Central official website: The Correspondents Say Goodbye

    It's crazy to think that Jon is done for good, but I loved how he ended by saying that he will see us all again...just in a different way.