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MTV Finally Announces the 2015 VMA Performers

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    The Video Music Awards have always been pretty hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes the show is amazing. Sometimes it seems a little too scripted to fit the, "young and hip" crowd. Meaning, they try a little too hard to connect with the actual listeners of the music with the award show. Either way, now that we are much closer to the event, some of the performers have been announced.

    Only six acts have been released so far, though I'm sure there will be a few more. Hopefully even a few surprise duets that I have been waiting for. One being, Eminem and a good rock band. I don't really care which one. Just a real one. Making it like the modern day RUN DMC/ Aerosmith collaboration. I know, it's a far reach of a wish. But I want it to happen one of these days.

    Here is the list of performers that have been released so far:

    • Pharrell- I am excited to see this one. He always puts on an exciting, upbeat show
    • Demi Lovato
    • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    • A$AP Rocky
    • Twenty One Pilots
    • Tori Kelly
    • The Weeknd (Already a known performer for the event)