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Winner's List of the 2015 VMAs Dominated by Taylor Swift

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    I don't get it. Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' has over a BILLION views on Youtube. I don't think I have ever seen a video get that many views. And it won Best Pop Video for the year.

    She also won for Best Female Video with the same video.

    And finally, she won the night with the Video of the Year for 'Bad Blood' (featuring Kendrick Lamar).

    I have a serious problem with both of these videos winning, to be honest. Especially Bad Blood. I just watched it, wondering what MTV calls 'the best of the year' hoping for something original and interesting. And while it certainly was big budget, it was anything but original. I lost count quick with just how many sci-fi and action movies the director was straight ripping off. You had --

    The Matrix, Fifth Element, Resident Evil, Hunger Games, Divergent, Terminator, Sucker Punch, Minority Report, Million Dollar Baby, Fight Club, Tron... and that's just the ones I could easily pick out. I'm sure there were more.

    It's like the creator just decided to make an homage to a bunch of popular movies with one video. And if that's what they explicitly did, I'm okay with that. But I seriously doubt it. Anyone know if that's the case??

    Also, anyone notice that the Blank Space vid was basically Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby??

    Other winners were:

    Best Rock Video: Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman

    Best Male Video: Mark Ronson feautring Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

    Best Hip-Hop Video: Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

    Best Video with a Social Message: Big Sean featuring Kanye West & John Legend - One Man Can Change The World

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    I try very hard to avoid all things Taylor Swift. Gotta admit, it's for no other reason than she is so mainstream popular. But I have yet to listen to entire Swift song. And I also don't think I could even pick her out of a lineup. .....I'm strangely proud of that fact.