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Stephen Colbert's Real Persona Isn't Much Different Than His "Fake" One

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    I admit that I was really wondering if I was going to like "the real" Stephen Colbert when he took over 'The Late Show.' Now I can say, without a doubt, that my fears were 100 percent wrong. The "real" Stephen Colbert is pretty much the same person as his character. Actually--I think he's even better just being himself.

    After watching Colbert's first episode last night I now might actually watch a late night show on one of the big three networks for the first time in years. He spent a handful of minutes just obliterating Donald Trump and then showed that he can interview movie stars and politicians without having to stay in character throughout the interview. The show ended with a hell of a musical performance by his house band, Jonathan Batiste and Stay Human, with a whole bunch of big name cameos.

    All in all, I'd say that Colbert had a great first show. I'm looking forward to see how the show evolves as he gets more used to the hour long format. After last night, I have a feeling he won't have many issues getting in his groove.

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    I was pretty impressed with his first show. I honestly didn't know what to expect from it, but he definitely exceeded my expectations.

    Only time will tell if he'll be a good fit for the show. It's weird seeing him on CBS, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I've never been a big fan of the Big 3's late night show's, but hopefully he will change that. It's really nice to see him back on the air after his long hiatus.

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    I was surprised at how 'Colbert Report'-like the show actually was for the first episode. The set felt halfway similar and his comedy style and deliverance of jokes isn't far off from his 'persona' either. Plus he said 'take it down Jimmy' at some point. That made me smile.

    He is an executive producer of the show, just like with Colbert Report. Of course the format of the show is somewhat different, but not that much. Opening monologue, quieting the crowd down as they chant his name, doing a few segments in the middle, interviews and then maybe a musical guests.. that's pretty close to his old show. Only difference is he has a band on stage that I'm not sure I like to be honest (they're just okay for now), and he is not quite as edgy.

    Still, I am a fan so far.

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    I think he is going to dramatically change late night comedy shows.

    One thing I love is that he is posting extended interviews (as his mentor Jon Stewart used to do) online. It allows him to have much more of a discussion with major guests without going over scheduled time. It shows he is keenly aware that many people won't watch his show live, but will watch it the next day. I think that's a brilliant idea and wouldn't be surprised if the other late night hosts start doing the same thing.

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    Great thing about his new show.. it's a lot like his old show. Which I think is great. I agree that his persona is very similar. So all in all, I'm glad he found a way to rebrand the old Colbert Report, and sneak it into late night network TV. It's different in many ways too, just enough change to make a really good mix of old and new Colbert. I haven't watched it on TV that much, but I have actually watched most every Youtube video his show has posted. Really good stuff so far.

    This being one of my favorites so far ---

    If you weren't paying attention to the CBS logo watermark, you would think you were watching Comedy Central's Colbert Report.