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  • Aug 05, 2019 05:16 PM
    Last: 17d
    Oh totally. You hit the nail on the head there. That would definitely be a strong move. TV shows have just as much potential as movies do. These days, I'd say even more in many cases.
  • Aug 05, 2019 05:16 PM
    Last: 17d

    Just saw Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood last night. It was a bit different from his style, but was still absolutely soaked in the Tarantino-verse. I've seen every movie that he has directed, and like most have been a fanboy since the 90's. A conversation ensued after the movie, and that was if Quentin Tarantino was really calling it quits after this movie. He's been pretty adamant about being retiring from movies over the past couple of years - what an article said was "calcified into a resolute declaration."

    If and when he does leave the directors chair, it's not falling off of the face of the Earth. He plans on going back to writing plays and TV shows - what he described as being a "more modest life of a man of letters."

    I have a theory about all of this, and let's see if you agree. The man is a visionary. To put it simply. He's a fan of both movies and television. Now combine that with the growing popularity of envelope-pushing modern TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I can truly see him just switching his artistic media, and perhaps dazzling us on a weekly basis on HBO, Netflix etc.

    Will he really call it quits after this movie? And does anyone else agree with my theory?

  • Jul 20, 2019 06:32 PM
    Last: 27d

    I totally agree with Barry. I'd say it's my number 1. Didn't think Hader could pull it off until I watched it. He's perfect. Ok so:

    #2: The Expanse

    #3 Big Mouth

    #4 Easy

    #5 Mindhunter

  • Jun 04, 2019 06:47 PM
    Last: 3mo
    Agreed. It was the speed at which they did everything. The archs could have been more believable if they had time or had taken the time to flesh them out. That's why I think the characters towards the end felt so out of place and off.
  • Jun 04, 2019 06:47 PM
    Last: 3mo

    I never saw this coming, also never thought I'd write a title like that. The show may be over, but the hale storm of criticism is still raging. One main reason was because it started off and continued strong, without any hiccups or boring seasons. Everyone seemed to put it up on a pedestal, a very much deserved pedestal though. It seemed untouchable. Great writers, and wonderful actors. Then it was like the producers stopped caring in 4 episodes, ending with what is arguably the biggest let-down in tv history. It's pretty close to when the TV show Dallas negated an entire season by making it all a dream in the end.

    So why was Game of Thrones' finale so bad?

    1. Pointless details and buildup

    The build up was great at first, many characters and details saw a lot of screen time only to fall into obscurity by the end. A dramatic principle called Chekhov's Gun states: "If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don't put it there." Jon Snow turning out to be a Targaryen pretty much went nowhere and he ended up at the wall where he started.

    2. Character arcs that went in reverse

    Think of it, Tyrion was the smartest one in the story, only to end up being the dumbest one in the end. The last two episodes had him walking around in a daze after making awful decisions that the Tyrion a season ago wouldn't have made. Jaime Lannister's arc was a mess as well.

    3. The final scene where choose Bran as king.

    So Tyrion is a prisoner, Grey worm demands his head, yet Tyrion chooses Bran as King and everyone follows. It was as if every character sitting there became NPCs, and lost their opinions and personality, only to make the person who did nothing but make people uncomfortable for the entire season king. It came out of nowhere.

    Does anyone else agree with me? Look at it this way, it's not like its just the GOT nerds complaining, it's pretty much everyone. You either thought it was ok, or didn't like it. If you agree with me, are there any other reasons? If you don't, would like to hear those too.

  • May 26, 2019 04:10 PM
    Last: 1mo

    So, we have fireworks, parades, BBQ, swimming, summer kicks off on this day officially, but what about movies? Came across a list and wondered if anyone else agrees. I think they got some of them right, but I'd like to add to it a bit and see if anyone else would like to add theirs. I guess the only requirement for making a list for Memorial Day movies is they have to be about the military and they must be respectful. So no movies like G.I Joe or Tropic Thunder.

    Their list:

    1. Flags of Our Fathers (2006)

    2. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

    3. American Sniper (2014)

    4. The Messenger (2009)

    5. Lone Survivor (2013)


    1. I agree with Saving Private Ryan

    2. Unbroken (2014)

    3. Black Hawk Down (2001)

    4. We Were Soldiers (2002)

    5. Gettysburg (1993)

    Let's list off some others, shall we?

  • May 01, 2019 02:51 PM
    Last: 4mo
    True, it's not my favorite, but it is pretty entertaining at times. Um, I would actually have to say that Luke Combs winning the Top Country Artist, and Top Male Country Artist, was something that made it worth watching for me at least.
  • May 01, 2019 02:51 PM
    Last: 4mo

    The Billboard Music awards tend to get overlooked, in comparison to the Grammys. I'm sure there are many music fans out there who like it better. I say, that it all depends on who is performing. Some years are better than others. One topic I think we forget to mention is the duets and collaborations. It's not everyday that you get to see some hard hitting music makers sharing the same stage with one another. Insider wrote an article, breaking down their top 14 duets. I thought I'd share it.

    Top 14 Duets/Collabs:

    Madonna and Stevie Wonder paid tribute to Prince after his death in 2016

    Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera debuted their song "Fall In Line" in 2018

    Shawn Mendes and Khalid took a stand against gun violence at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

    Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton sang a sweet duet at the 2016 awards

    Florida Georgia Line performed alongside John Legend in 2017

    Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys teamed up in 2012 to perform some of his classic hits

    Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams brought "Sangria Wine" to the show in 2018.

    Alicia Keys, Angie Stone, and Eve performed together in 2001

    Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, and Ariana Grande performed a mashup of their songs in 2014

    Kelly Clarkson, Salt-N-Pepa, and En Vogue closed out the 2018 show with an epic performance

    In 2011, Rihanna surprised fans with a remix of "S&M" featuring Britney Spears

    Macklemore and Kesha teamed up to perform their song "Good Old Days" in 2018

    Jordin Sparks and John Legend paid tribute to late singer Whitney Houston in 2012

    Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj did a mash-up featuring two huge hits in 2011

    I'd have to say that the Stevie Wonder/Alicia Keys one was good. I didn't know that Stevie Wonder had done more than one collaboration at the Billboard Music Awards. I definitely would like to see a little more variety in the coming years, but most if not all performers listed above are big names. What should be number one do you think? Is it missing a particular collaboration?

  • Apr 23, 2019 02:47 PM
    Last: 4mo
    NeoLogic Wrote:

    Oh, what about Cersei's 'SHAME' walk?

    Yeah, I'd have to add that one as well. One they forgot to put in the list was Joffery's wedding. I'm surprised that didn't make it into the bottom 5 at least.
  • Apr 23, 2019 02:47 PM
    Last: 4mo

    The show is coming to a close, but there is so much to go back on and think fondly of or wince at. Of course, it's all in a good way because, let's be honest, Game of Thrones is one of the best series ever made. So much detail, and depth. I don't think a single show has pulled at my nerves, and broken my heart as much as this show. Yet I keep coming back for more. I know I'll be rewatching everything once the show is up. I don't know about anyone else. Found a top ten article by Rollingstone. I wanted to get a gauge and see if anyone else agrees.

    10. An Oath to Fight a Giant (“The Watchers on the Wall,” Season Four)

    9. An Eye-Popping Defeat (“The Mountain and the Viper,” Season Four)

    8. Tyrion Confesses (“The Laws of Gods and Men,” Season Four)

    7. The Mother of Dragons Speaks Her Mother Tongue (“And Now His Watch Is Ended,” Season Three)

    5. The Red Wedding (“The Rains of Castamere,” Season Three)

    4. Jon Snow Meets the Night King (“Hardhome,” Season Five)

    3. Hodor Holds the Door (“The Door,” Season Six)

    2. Off With Ned’s Head (“Baelor,” Season One)

    1. Cersei Bombs the Sept (“The Winds of Winter,” Season Six)

    That was RollingStone's opinion. I agree, almost all belong in the top ten, but I think the order is out of whack. I'd say number one for me would be The Red Wedding. Never had I ever seen such brutality and Shakespearean tragedy played out so well. I think number 10 deserves a couple of bumps. That was the first instance we saw giants fight in the show. And watching that one giant charge down the icy hallway toward a bunch of terrified men was pretty epic. I would probably add one to the list and it also has to do with a giant. Whenever the last giant charges through the door and dies. That one was both epic and sad. So does anyone else agree with this list? Anything that should be added?